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Welcome to Deannagrams!

In this chaotic, difficult, slightly scary wacky world, creativity is imperative. For everyone everywhere; particularly the bold self employed. (yes I am a musician)

All I know, is when life changes, you have to change with it; and so I am launching…

Send a deannagram to anyone, for any reason or for no reason at all.
Email the info and I’ll customize and personalize the D’gram, cuz I can’t help it anyway. To lighten or soothe, or just send a fun surprise. serious and fun.

Choices: a song/audio/video/ horn/piano/a message etc…by phone/text/email/ a live simple card w/a twist. w/available Upgrades (ex. in person) and an anonymous sender optional. Send me to play a game or bring my horn, maybe with a surprise guest(s). (upgrade of course)
The virtual vault appreciates a minimum of $30. but there are $$$ tiers that come with cool things…
Email if interested and thank you if you are.
Be creative with me…
Stay connected everyone xx
Email: db@deannagram.com
PayPal: PayPal.Me/dbdecibelle
Venmo: @Dbbogart