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Plan 9 Music Magazine:
"... a complete package that takes a listener on a varied musical trip that’s part good-natured, part deadly serious and always wholly satisfying"

The Village Voice:
Deanna Bogart Band with the Radiators--
"One thing's for sure, with a double bill like this you're gonna cover lots of ground, both on the dance floor and through genres... Be unprepared. Deanna Bogart boogie woogies all night, and though I hate the term "boogie woogie" you gotta like Bogart."

"The album's [Timing is Everything] a ray of sunshine that never loses energy or impact. Listening to it is an unmitigated pleasure."
-- Blues Revue

"Bogart is a butt-kickin', barrel-house player that could give a good chase to old Jerry Lee. On top of that, the little lady blows a respectable saxophone, as well as sings and writes."

-- Cash Box Magazine

"Whoo-ee, is this lady hot! She's won awards, done TV and radio, toured major festivals -- hell, she was even kicked out of a conservatory for being too hot! But this all don't mean a thing unless you actually hear Bogart play her spin-tingling boogie-woogie."
-- John Savlove, Reflex

"With such strong performers as Robert Cray and Etta James on last weekend's bill [Monterey Bay Blues Festival], the real mind-blower and most memorable set came from Deanna Bogart."
-- John Detro, Pacific Grove Monarch

"This is one of the best shows you'll ever see and Deanna Bogart is one of the best female musicians these ears have ever heard!"
-- Valerie Ridenour, Key West The Newspaper

The winner of 20 Wammies (Washington Area Music Awards) incorporates musical influences from New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago, setting herself apart from other contemporary blues artists by blending country, swing, jazz and rock into her barrelhouse/boogie blues piano style. Enjoying the success brought about by her last two CDs, "The Great Unknown" and "Timing Is Everything," Bogart is taking her career to the next level — she is a joy to watch and listen to.— Atlanticville News